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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How much do Aviator Guitars cost?
Ace Edition base price is €2750,00 for 6, €2850,00 for 7 and €2950,00 for 8 string guitars. Our order form calculates most of the upgrades for you so you can see your price update as you go about filling the order form. Some options will be quoted by our team after the order is submitted.

Pilot Edition base price is €2250 and fully decked out Pilot Guitar lands around €2800.

These prices are excl. tax.

If you live in the European Union, your country's local VAT rate will be charged on your invoice.

If you live outside of the EU, local tax and import and customs charges may apply upon the package's arrival at your customs office. Aviator Guitars is not and cannot be held responsible for any additional import charges or local taxes.
2. What do I get for the base price?
The base spec guitar is a complete and fully playable instrument. Specification differs slightly across our product lines.

Ace Edition:
2-piece body (either White Ash, Alder, Korina, or Mahogany) with a bolt-on Neck (Maple or Sapele Mahogany). The fretboard is a choice of Ebony or Maple.

Pilot Edition :
Choice of Ash or Swamp Ash body, Bolt-On Wenge/Maple/Wenge Neck, and choice of Richlite or Ebony fretboard.

Guitar Hardware includes Hipshot fixed bridge and Hipshot Grip-Lock Tuners.
Bass guitars come with Hipshot A Style Bass Bridge and Hipshot HB6 Ultralite tuners.

All of our builds have high end MEC electronics, Carbon Fiber reinforced neck, double-action truss rod, and Graph Tech Black Tusq Nut.

You can choose from several pickup combinations and the base price also covers most pickups by Seymour Duncan, Dominger, or Instrumental. The guitar can be stained to your desired color and comes in a Satin Open Grain finish on both the body and neck.

Baritone scales and Left-Handed Guitars come at no extra charge, but some hardware choices may be limited due to the unavailability of certain products for left-handed players. The guitar ships in a custom-fitted Hardcase made specifically for your build.

Each Ace Edition build can be upgraded with countless options of woods, pickups, electronics, binding, inlays and much more in order to create your dream instrument.
3. How do I order my custom Aviator guitar?
It's very easy - pick the product line that you like and fill out the appropriate order form. The forms differ slightly for each of our product lines

The order form produces the initial line-art of the body style, headstock, bridge, and pickup combination. Please double-check that you filled all the required fields, otherwise the form won't go through. Only after the success message is displayed at the last step, the form is submitted.

Ace Edition:
We require a small deposit of €100 (excluding VAT) to lock in your spot in our build schedule and to draft and fully discuss the project. We will create a visual mockup for you and discuss the specs. The €100 will then be subtracted from your build deposit payment. Filling out the form submission does not bind you to buy the instrument until all the specs have been discussed via e-mail and agreed upon by both Aviator Guitars and you as the customer. This way we make sure that you get the perfect guitar for you!

Pilot Edition:
Goal of the Pilot Edition is to bring you the full quality of our work at a more affordable price point and shorter production time. For this reason we charge a flat non-refundable deposit of €1000 for all Pilot Edition builds in the last step of the order form. This allows us to get to work on the guitar immediately.
4. How do I pay for the guitar?
Semi-Custom products - Pilot Edition
We charge a flat non-refundable deposit at the time of order via GoPay. This ensures a speedy production as we can start work on the instrument immediately. The remaining balance of your specification will then be paid in full when the guitar is finished and before the guitar is shipped. The deposit for our Pilot Edition Guitar is 1000 Eur pre-tax.

Custom products - Ace Edition
We charge a flat non-refundable partial deposit of 100 Eur at the time of spec submission via GoPay. This deposit serves to lock your spot in our production schedule and includes a project discussion with 2 revisions and 3 visual mockups to make sure we can effectively transform your vision into the final instrument. We may charge additional fees if you require more revisions. All of these charges will be subtracted from the total cost of the instrument if you decide to confirm the order.

To start the build, we need to stock all the necessary materials and hardware. To do that effectively we require a non-refundable deposit payment of 40% of the total price of the instrument (less the project deposit paid previously)After the payment clears we start working on your guitar! You will get regular updates on how the build is progressing.

The remaining 60% balance will then be paid in full when the guitar is finished and before the guitar is shipped.

GoPay accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard, or Bitcoin. We also accept bank transfers, Wise, and PayPal. For European customers, the SEPA bank transfer is the cheapest way of international money transfer.
5. How long does it take for my custom Aviator Guitar to be finished?
The standard time of completion for our custom builds is 6-9 months from when the deposit is received. It can vary based on the complexity of the build, but we try to estimate an accurate deadline. If any problems arise that could affect the time of completion, we will promptly let you know.

With the Pilot Edition we aim to keep a production time of 4-6 months
6. Do you ship to my country and for how much?
We use a local shipping service that looks for the best deal with FedEx or TNT, so we can affordably ship worldwide. 2 Day Express shipping is also available.

Shipping is €100 within Europe, €200 to the US and Canada, and €300 to the rest of the World. Express shipping costs approximately 50% more.

All shipments are fully insured and a tracking number will be provided as well.

If you live outside of the EU, local tax and import and customs charges may apply upon the package's arrival at your customs office. Aviator Guitars is not and cannot be held responsible for any additional import charges or local taxes.
7. Do Aviator Guitars come with a gig bag or a hard case?
All our guitars come with a case. It is a handmade hard case which comes with custom cutouts for your specific guitar. Premium option is a custom fitted heavy duty Flight Case. We can also provide an aftermarket case or gig bag of your choice at retail price. Please note some aftermarket cases may not fit the guitar perfectly, especially baritone guitars may be too long to fit. We recommend checking the dimensions with us to make sure to pick the right case or gig bag.
8. Do you guys offer endorsement deals?
Yes, we are always looking for interesting artists to endorse, but please keep in mind that we have very strict policies on endorsements. Firstly, we want to be very clear that an endorsement is a two-way business partnership and not a guitar giveaway to an enthusiast! So what are our requirements?

1. Strong social media presence
2. Strong track record of churning out content
3. Actively touring/producing videos/creating new music.
4. You must know our brand, what we stand for, and show us that you would fit into our family of artists
5. Being signed by a Record label is not required but may increase your chances of receiving an endorsement.

If you feel that you have what it takes to represent our brand, and join our family then please send us links to your website, social media profiles, YouTube videos, etc. Lastly, we would like to hear your ideas of how you think our mutual deal would benefit Aviator Guitars as well as your band and/or yourself as a musician! All of this can be sent to info@aviator-guitars.com.

Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to contact us!